North Carroll Soccer Club
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PLEASE NOTE! The In-House Registration form itself is two pages with an additional page for parents to keep, so please be sure to print all pages and turn in the two completed pages of the form. If you'd like to print the pages back-to-back on the same page, that would be ideal (and preferred). However, if you cannot and just want to submit two pages, that's ok. Just please remember that it is a TWO PAGE registration form for 2014.

Also, the cutoff for ages groups/leagues is July 31, 2014. Whatever your child's age on July 31, 2014 is the age group for which they are eligible. For example, if your child is 11 on July 31, 2014, they will be in the U-14 league. If they are 10, they will play U-11. Your child may play UP in an older league, but they may not play down. Many thanks!

In-House Registration

  • Closes July 31st at Midnight !


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