North Carroll Soccer Club
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Try Out Schedule Fall 2021:  


Tryouts will be held from 6pm-8pm at Panther Park

If you have any questions please contact the coach for your age group and


11v11 2004/05 John Woodley U18  May 4th

11v11 2006 Todd Bartles U16 May 5-6

11v11 2007 Jason Stremmel U15 jasonstremmel@gmail.comU15 May 10-11

11v11 2008 John Zeignefuse U14 May 12-13

11v11 2009 Rick Fenner U13 May 17-18

9v9 2010 Mike Strohman U12 May 19-20

9v9 2011 Dave Kolmansberger U11 May 25-26

7v7 2012 Tom Goretsas U10 May 25 & 27

7v7 2013 Rusty Becker U9 June 1-2



11v11 2007/2006 Matt Grastorf U16  May 10-11 (Date Changed)

11v11 2007/08 Harry "Lance" Lancellotti U15  May 19-20

11v11 2009 Matt Will U13 May 11th Panther Park, May 18th North Carroll Middle School

9v9 2010 Chris Piper U12 May 12-13

9v9 2011 Brandon Tomlinson/Howard Harper U11 May 17-18

7v7 2012 Heather Fenner U10   May 19-20

7v7 2013 Thea Blackburn/Shannon Davis U9 / June 1-2

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