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North Carroll Travel Soccer Club

North Carroll Soccer Club (NCSC) is affiliated with the North Carroll In-House Soccer program as we compete at a higher level against other Baltimore/Washington area Soccer Clubs while training at an increased frequency and playing in matches at an increased rate and duration. NCSC is based out of North Carroll Middle School and Cape Horn Park for training and home matches. NCSC operates as a revenue neutral Club, maintaining lower costs to the family, while covering what individual teams need to play out their determined yearly schedule.

NCSC competes in both CMSA (Central Maryland Soccer Association) and EDP (Elite Development Program)

Teams are created by birth year, not school graduation year.

Fall league play consists of an 8-game season beginning in late August/ early September. Teams train at least two times a week (coach determined) which begin in mid/late summer. Most teams continue training and playing together for winter indoor and spring leagues. Teams also compete in local weekend tournaments (coach determined). Spring league play begins late March or mid-April depending on the which league a team plays in. Commuting time for away matches and/or tournaments is on average 30-45 minutes but could be as far away as 1 hour (opponent geographics and NCSC family location determine commute time).

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If you have questions, feel free to reach out to our Travel Club Director, Derek Ludow @


TRYOUT Registration is open for the Fall 2024- Summer 2025 Season

Club soccer is the next step for your player to develop their skills and compete at a higher level. All interested players are encouraged to try out. 2008-2017 birth year players must register via Stone Alley to be eligible to try out:


  • NO TRY OUT FEE – simply register to be eligible to try out.
  • If a player is selected and offered a spot for a team a $200 Club commitment fee (non-refundable) will be due to secure the roster spot. Club commitment fees cover the overhead expenses of placing a player through a year with NCSC (including but not limited to field use/maintenance, player carding, League admin fees, coaches training, team equipment, marketing, and County/ Rec Council fees).
  • Uniforms are approximately $150 and include both home and away kits (new ‘24-25 Club players only)
  • Each team will incur additional costs for Fall and/or Winter/Spring leagues, all tournaments, and any other communicated/ budgeted team specific items. Contact Head Coaches to inquire about estimated team fees. Coaches contact found below.




Field @NCMS


2017 Boys

4/29 & 5/1 (6–7:30 pm)


7v7 #4

Thanh Van

2016 Boys


4/23 & 4/25 (6–7:30 pm)

7v7 #4

Nathan Glenn

2016 Girls


4/29 & 5/1 (6–7:30 pm)

7v7 #3

Scot Dufel

2015 Boys


4/25, 4/26, & 4/27 (6–8 pm)

 7v7 #5

Art Crouse

2015 Girls


5/2 & 5/7 (6–8 pm)

7v7 #3


Megan Kohls

2014 Boys


5/1 & 5/2 (6:00–7:30 pm)

9v9 #1


Kyle King

Anthony King

2014 Girls


4/30 & 5/7 (6–7:30 pm)


7v7 #3 (4/30)

9v9 #1 (5/7)

Danielle Warren

2013 Boys


4/30 & 5/2 (6–8 pm)


9v9 #2


Rusty Becker

2013 Girls


5/1 & 5/3 (6–8 pm)


9v9 #2

Thea Blackburn

2012 Boys

4/29 & 4/30 (6–8 pm)

9v9 #2 (4/29)

11v11 #6 (4/30)

Chad Calhoun

Karen Rubin

2012 Girls


4/29 & 5/1 (6–8 pm)


11v11 #6

Derek Ludlow

2011 Boys


4/22, 4/24 (6–7:30 pm)

& 4/27(11–12:30 pm)

11v11 #6

Mark Holt

2011 Girls

4/30 & 5/7 (6–8 pm)

9v9 #1 (4/30)

11v11#6 (5/7)

Rob Davis

Boys Teams

2011 "Legends" - Coach Mark Holt

2012 "Spurs" - Coach Chad Calhoun

2012 "Monarchs"- Coach Karen Rubin

2013 "Outlaws" - Coach Rusty Becker 

2014 "Cobras" - Coach Kyle King 

2014 "Hawks"- Coach Anthony King

2015 "Rowdies" - Coach Art Crouse

2016 "Havoc" - Coach Nathan Glenn

2017- Coach Thanh Van

Girls Teams

2011 "Rockets" - Coach Rob Davis

2012 "Thunder" - Coach Derek Ludlow

2013 "Lightning" - Coach Thea Blackburn

2014 "Chaos" - Coach Danielle Warren 

2015 "Spirit" - Coach Megan Kohls

2016 "Hurricanes" - Coach Scot Dufel

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